Eagle Shelling System

SOAR ABOVE THE REST BY CHOOSING THE EAGLE SHELLING SYSTEM. This pecan shelling system is designed to be a complete operation from sanitizing to boxing the final product. A list of the items involved in making this system complete is as follows: sanitizer, cracker, sheller, aspirator, bucket elevator, meat sizer, 4 aspirators, rerun aspirator, and a two step inspection table for final examination. This unit can come as a complete package that is mounted on a metal floor which allows for moving the plant around by use of a forklift. If a plant already has some equipment for shelling, this system can be modified to utilize the existing equipment.


This system is virtually dust free. A user will be amazed at the cleanliness of this unit compared to other systems that are available. The shell separation is amazing compared to other systems. The capacity exceeds the production of a Savage or Quantz JR. cracker which is roughly 500 pounds per hour. This equipment is smooth and easy to operate. The percentage nutmeat yield exceeded expectations. If interested in a small shelling plant it would benefit greatly to check this system before buying elsewhere.

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Inshell Batch Sanitizer

This santizer is designed for the small operation that is required to chlorine sanatize pecans prior to cracking and/or shelling. It comes with an automatic fill valve, stainless steel tank, and an enclosed dumping basket. The basket is designed to fill with about 60 lbs of pecans, lower into the water to sanitize, lift to let drain and dry, and then dump into cracker. To operate faster it is suggested that two baskets be purchased. This a fast and simple way to sanitize pecans for your customers and to satisfy the health department. A small electric chain hoist is also recommended.

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New Coldwater Sanitizer

Eagle Shelling!

Inshell cold water sanitizer, let us custom design one for
your shelling plant.

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Plant Aspirator

Aspirators can replace all air leg fans in any shelling plant, 10%+ better seperation of nutmeat and shell, DUST FREE, FOOD GRADE MATERIAL.

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