Savage 5528 5534 5537 5540 5740 Sprayer


Whether you need to control insect pests, fungus or mineral deficiencies, a Savage Sprayer will get the job done and get nut production and profits on track. Savage makes rugged, powerful sprayers that are engineered for the unique environment of the pecan orchard, but ideal for many other tree -spraying applications as well.

Many other brands of sprayers are designed for row crops, but Savage produces sprayers with the versatility to meet the demands of the pecan orchard. Our sprayers allow you to turn off the sprayer between trees without turning off the agitator. You will enjoy a full 160 degrees of volute movement and the ability to spray on either side--all with fingertip controls at the tractor seat.

Savage orchard sprayers feature powerful Delavan turbo pumps (spray penetrates outer canopy for complete coverage), large tank and fill well for less down time, ability to spray at any angle left or right, finely balanced steel fan blades, shielded triple-seal bearings and high-flotation tires.


Savage Sprayers are available in sizes to suit every orchard and budget. Call us today to order yours.

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Specifications subject to change without notice. Call for availability.